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Manifesting is about asking the universe and the spiritual world for what you would like in your life to enhance it.

It could be more financial stability, help with studying, new projects and ventures and of course improvement in love and relationships.

It could be help needed for loved ones and their journey or health.

The list is endless.

But when you manifest it’s important to remember that we are all on a journey of learning and character building and so some things you ask for may take longer than others.

This is because sometimes the learning needed to be gained from waiting, or for receiving what is good for you rather than what you think you need is important for your path.

So sometimes when I have been teaching this subject a client may well ask, if they have been asking for financial abundance or even a lottery win, why It hadn’t yet happened.

Maybe the lottery win would take away the character forming process and so spirit guides delay in that in order for other personal qualities to be developed like patience, tenacity, determination.

Perhaps there is some deeper purpose to not getting exactly what you have asked for at exactly the time you have asked.

How often can you look back on your life and see that the timing of certain things happening was all important.

Maybe meeting the love of your life wouldn’t have been sustainable at one time yet only a while later the timing can work it out beautifully because your personal circumstances could now allow for this.

So I feel very much that this is something to be taken into account.

When I manifest myself with spirit, I do leave the timing and the way it might happen, to unfold in the best way possible for all concerned.

This way there is more flexibility with how spirit can bring in your desires and sometimes even in a better way that you could not have imagined.

Having said that, if you have a idea of how what you would like, this is the basis process:

Set a time and space to work with your Guides, Angels and the Universe

You can use ritual, candles, incense and crystals to assist though it’s not essential.

If you are asking for spiritual help it’s only courteous to dedicate a small space of time to connect and set your intentions.

Be clear about what you’re asking for but not so rigid that it doesn’t allow spirit to have some flexibility in how they bring in your desires

So if you’re manifesting for a twin flame it would be good to describe the qualities you desire in a partner rather than height or colour of hair.

Either speak to your spiritual helpers or write down your requests within your dedicated time.

Manifesting on a new moon, supermoon or any other spiritual gateway is often more powerful

You can check the moon cycles and good times energetically on the internet.

Trust the process!

Maybe you’ll only ask once, maybe once a day. Try not to keep going over it any more often than that.

Your Guides and Angels will already be working behind the scenes for you in the best way possible.

When you receive the gifts you have asked for please remember to give thanks for the spiritual help

Again it’s only courtesy but sets up a lovely connection of asking and receiving.

Happy Manifesting


If this article was of interest, I now teach spiritual development one-to-one and also run small healing and spiritual groups.

Please free free to get in touch if this or any of my work could help you on your journey.

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