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2024 Services

The following services can be in a session on their own or can be included within in a reading. All sessions can be tailor made to suit your requirements within the allocated time you have booked. You can also pre-book regular sessions with me, for example weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Once you have chosen what you you would like, please visit the Booking page for information about prices and how to make your booking, but do contact me if you would like further advice or information.

Spirit of Abundance Session

This session is designed for you to meet your spirit of abundance and finances, to help you:

Clear blocks and negative emotions around lack and self worth.

  • Replace with new patterns of behaviour and thinking and working towards a more expansive future.
  • For anyone who feels like no matter what effort they put into life, it’s still just not bringing in enough.

Sometimes it takes a complete reset and a spiritual approach to bring you a completely different outcome.

This will take approximately 75 mins. Special introductory offer of £99 for Jan and Feb 2024 only.

Express Healing Session

I am now offering an Express Healing Session, an ideal way to pick you up in the winter months.
Each 15 minute online session includes Energy Healing and Angelic Reiki, to help with tiredness, low energy and mild anxiety.

Empowerment session

A special empowerment session includes:

  • A guided meditation journey with healing, an aura clearing and recharging of your energy.
  • A crystal energy clearing
  • A past life clearing looking at any lifetimes that are currently holding you back.
  • A empowerment to bring back to this lifetime.
  • A connection with one of your guides or power animals, who you can connect with on your spiritual journey and meditation.

This will take approximately 75 mins.

Transformational coaching, intuitive counselling and life coaching

This can be booked on a weekly, fortnightly or on an ad hoc basis to suit. It is particularly useful during stressful times or during big life changes when extra support and insight is needed. Please visit my Testimonial page for current reviews of this service. Packages are available on request, please contact me for further details about ongoing support.

Clairvoyant medium readings

Clairvoyant medium readings give insight and spiritual guidance for the short term period. Working with my spirit guides, messages from loved ones in spirit and cards, I can look at your best way forward covering any matters of concern including love, relationships, career choices, finances, life direction and purpose and emotional well-being.

Spiritual readings are for general guidance only and I encourage clients to use their own judgement and discernment.

Angel readings & therapy

Uplifting and insightful Angel readings – 30 mins.
I also offer Angel Reiki or Angel Vacuuming to help with anxiety, worry or just to top up your energy and give you back your zest for life.

Relationship readings

My particular area of expertise is relationships of all kinds, but especially soulmate connections. I can look at the character and behaviour of the other party, the best way to deal with the situation, any past lives, what the future holds, and how best to move forward.

Sometimes soulmate connections can be complicated and hard to understand and often difficult to move on from. Tie cutting and past life energy healing can sometimes help, along with the additional understanding on a practical level.

Spiritual Art

I work in acrylic and mixed media on canvass and board, using layers of paint to get different effects, often working in a meditative state. You can have a look at my gallery to see my current work, and you can also purchase my artwork as digital downloads from my Etsy Shop – AnnsSpiritualArt. This is an easy and affordable way to buy your art and print it yourself at home.

Energy Crystal Healing

This helps with clearing negative energy that we can pick up, unblocks and realigns chakras, improves health, well-being, improves mood and energy levels.

If you are feeling overtired, anxious or low this is a useful pick-me-up, and can be offered as a separate treatment or be included as part of a longer session.

Past life healing

Using healing and clairvoyancy I am shown different past lifetimes that may now, in this current lifetime, be causing repeating patterns of negative behaviour, anxieties or phobias, difficulties in relationships, and many other situations.

These areas can be worked on to clear, which is a gradual process but will help you feel more positive to move forward. I can also look at past lifetimes and talk you through the process.

Cord cutting

Cord cutting can help with difficult love relationships that are holding you back emotionally, because you can’t let go of the other person on some level. There are various ways this can be done to help free you up emotionally.

Spiritual development

Whether you want to know how to develop your spiritual side or are having experiences that you don’t understand, I can help you to safely and comfortably explore how to connect with a spirit guide, work with your energy and protect yourself, and help you to set in place some good spiritual practices for your future development.

Mediumship training

As a working medium I can help you to develop your mediumship gifts and give you an understanding of how to work in a safe and grounded way.


A lot of people suffer from heightened sensitivity which can which can make everyday living difficult, sometimes resulting in anxiety, phobias, allergies and possibly depression.

I work with you to look at how to deal with everyday life, how to deal with other peoples energy and how it affects you, and how to protect your own energy field and feel more comfortable with yourself, for example looking at lifestyle and mindfulness.

Realigning and unblocking Chakras

This can be done separately or within a reading or healing session. It can improve well-being and vitality.


Visualisation is a very powerful way of helping manifest more of you want to bring into your life. It can be used to help with improving relationships, bringing in a soul mate, helping with job interviews, meeting a new spirit guide, and many other situations.

I can help you with the process and teach you how to do it for yourself.

Working hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 6.30am to 2pm

Saturday - 7.30am to 10.30am

Sessions by phone, or online with video via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger


07732 789 879

or email


In-person readings

For face-to-face readings, please contact me direct on 07732 789 879 to book.

Available 2 days a week at Quest in the Ashley Centre, Epsom in one of their private therapy rooms - please book with Quest direct on 01372 878 606,
and once a month at the FASE Clinic in Newdigate nr Dorking, Surrey, please book direct on on 01306 631 640.

If you’d like to know more, you can read what people say about my work on the Testimonials page, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page, or if you would like further information or advice, please get in touch.

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