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Building a small altar in your home or room to connect spiritually is easy and enjoyable.

Firstly clear the space you are going to use with a sage stick or good quality incense or essential oils.

Use an area that is private and easily accessible.

You can arrange your altar on a small table or tray using a decorated cloth to then lay on crystals, candles, symbols, statues or personal items as well as fresh flowers.

The altar I have created in the photo is a love altar using two crystals for relationships, incense, pink and red candles, a rose quartz candleholder, small statues and lavender oil.

Use your altar to connect spiritually either with your guides and angels, the universe, ascended masters or your creator.

You can connect with prayer, conversation or write your requests and leave on the altar rolled up and tied with ribbon.

The energy of doing this in your home creates better energy, peace and serenity.

When you are choosing items for your altar, they could be personal, things you have found or been drawn to, found on your travels or remind you of loved ones.

There are no rights or wrongs when creating this space, just use your intuition and be lead to how you want your altar to look.

Use the space to ask for what you would like help with in your life or areas you would like to improve.

Using meditation or prayer will build up lovely energies to help you with your journey ahead.


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