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Hello and welcome to my manifesting blog!

It’s a big topic and one that a lot of my clients ask about.

If you’ve ever wondered why the hopes and wishes that you are consciously or unconsciously putting out there to the universe or higher source aren’t being met… then read on!

There are several simple reasons why we tend to attract the opposite of what we’re asking for, or nothing at all.

The first is we aren’t aligning ourselves with with what we’re asking for

For example.

You want to attract in a good partner.

But if you unconsciously don’t feel worthy of what you’re asking for, the vibes the universe are picking up is general lack of worth and then you may find that whoever you attract may not be what you were asking for.

Or you may find you are in a cycle of attracting the same type of person where you need to do some inner work in order to change that.

When you do the inner work you are sending out a message to the spiritual realm that you are ready for different things in your life.

Because you are willing to work for it and change yourself to align with what you want.

The other thing often overlooked is it has to happen in divine timing, as there might be other things to slot in beforehand.

Spirit always has the bigger picture of what we need and when the best time is for it.

If you planted a seed, you wouldn’t keep digging it up to see how it was doing!

As with manifesting, ask for it in the right time.

Leave the detail to spirit.

Clients often ask how to word their manifestations.

For me, I might say something like:

“Please bring into my life at the right time for me a relationship with someone who is loyal, dependable, loving, a good communicator with a good moral compass and attractive to me!”

That way you’re not giving spirit too many instructions that might limit your outcome!

If you simply asked for a tall dark haired handsome man he might be missing some of the important qualities you would want.

This of course is only an example.

If you want something different in your life, you also have to consider doing your part to help it happen.

Again, if you were looking to date but never went out anywhere, it would be much harder for spirit to manifest your desires.

But it’s really exciting when manifesting does comes about.

And it can be on any topic!

If you would like any help with that, or any spiritual service I offer, to improve your life, do feel free to contact me below.

Happy Manifesting.

Kind wishes

Ann Sinclair

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