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Sometimes we are in limbo!

We are waiting for the next event or stage in our lives.

When we feel things will be better or different.

How often have we said to ourselves

“I will feel better when I’ve changed jobs / moved to a better area / found a more fulfilling relationship / passed my exams / and so on…”?

The list is endless.

And sometimes it does improve how you feel.

And sometimes not as much as you’d hoped.

That’s because of the inner feelings and emotions we take with us into each new situation

So if we are unsatisfied, lacking direction or confidence, looking for an answer or more purpose then the solution is not always outside of ourselves.

Sometimes we have to look within and see whether there is pattern of waiting for life to be better.

The true peace we can find in any given time is if we accept where we are at and try to find some happiness and benefits, however small, in that period.

There’s a lovely story I read years ago…

It’s about a young man who was unhappy at university, who decided that his life would truly begin once he had his qualifications and started work.

Of course once he was working the dissatisfaction returned and he thought perhaps marriage would be the solution.

Once married it seemed that having children would truly fulfil him.

But of course then he was waiting for the children to grow up and leave home so he could feel more peaceful.

After that it seemed obvious that retirement would take him out of the rat race and produce all the happiness that he’d yet to find in life.

Once he retired, the next stage was…

Well you can imagine the rest.

The point is, he never learnt to enjoy any period of his life as he was always racing ahead to find a solution in the future.

Sometimes it is hard staying present, particularly when things feel uncertain.

But enjoyment, laughter, friends, family, hobbies, nature, exercise, meditation and spiritual connection can all play a big part to help us feel grounded and centred whilst life is moving naturally forward.

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