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See what my clients are saying about the new Empowerment Session.

“Ann has a natural gift and her empowerment session for me was amazing and so accurate.

If you’re looking for an empowering, reading / healing session then book a with Ann, you won’t regret it.

Ann is a kind and empathetic soul who is amazing at what she does.

I’m so glad I found her!”


Elle – Spain – Healing session

Morning Ann. I’m feeling so much better, better in myself and in my head, you’ve worked miracle’s. I feel like a different person today, thank you so much for reaching out to help me, I will definitely book another healing session next week. THANK YOU ❤️

Iggy – UK – Reading on lost passport

I have known Ann for well over 7 years going to her for guidance on larger life issues and business decisions to make or think about.

Every time Ann sees the path forward and I thought why not ask Ann to see if my lost passport could be still in my house and turn up.

I had lost it for a good 3 months and sure enough she said it’s in the house just do the work to manifest and said to call her in 7 days.

I kid u not exactly 7 days later I find it in the most obscure place near where I normally put it but in between a shelf and drawer!

Dee – UK – Phone reading

Ann, you told me I would have options in my career and choices to make by the end of the year.

I didn’t believe you…

But once again your words have become a reality and the universe has presented me 2 amazing options.

Your words, your timings and the advice have helped me in my career and my personal life so much.

I really wouldn’t be where I am without your guidance.

In the good times you encourage me and when I have obstacles you support and guide me.

I am so grateful to you.

Lucy – FaceTime reading

Hi Ann, I just had a phone call to offer me my old job back at the college (as you said in our last reading). Yay!

Thanks so much

Debbie – WhatsApp reading

Ann just to let you know I had the interview this afternoon, and they have just offered me the job, I’m so excited thank you for all your help and support, I’ve accepted!

Peggy – UK – FaceTime

I recently had a reading with Ann, she was very accurate, she described my situation and helped me with her guidance.

I would 100% recommend her, she is honest and told me things that I knew to be true.

Vinny – UK – FaceTime

I just wanted to let you know that you worked your magic … a couple of days after our session I felt calmer and more accepting that my beautiful boy had passed and able to focus on sorting myself ❤️

Thank you lovely xx

Debs – Surrey – WhatsApp

Wow, I had a reading with Ann this morning, she is amazing, completely felt at ease and relaxed with Ann, she has definitely helped me to choose the right path to go down. I feel so much lighter in myself after this reading. I highly recommend her. I’m so looking forward to my next reading. Anyone whose hesitating about having reading – please don’t you will not be disappointed.

Susan – London – Phone reading

Hi Ann, I wanted to let you know that I got the job! I start in the Autumn. Thanks for everything Ann. I couldn’t have done this without your guidance and support.

I’d like to book in another call with you around end of Aug (if that’s ok and convenient for you). For now, I just wanted to let you know the news and to say what a positive impact you and your talent has had on me.

Sending a rainbow of thank you x

Jay – London – Phone reading

Ann intuitively got straight to the issue that I needed to discuss. I found Ann to be incredibly empathetic knowledgable and an excellent medium spiritual coach. I’m looking forward to working with Ann in the future.

Joy – Surrey – FaceTime reading

Hi Ann, thank you for your time today, it has certainly calmed and comforted me hearing from my friend in spirit. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a reading to reach out to you. Your kindness, warmth and sensitivity made a very difficult time such a welcoming experience.

Thank you so much and I will definitely reach again in the future.

Lee – UK – WhatsApp reading

Thank you, Ann, for your accurate reading and guidance. You are so lovely, and truly blessed. I will definitely book again x

Elle – FaceTime reading

Ann was such a lovely person to do my first reading and spirit channeling through. She connected me with my mum straight away, and it was quite amazing. She made me feel very uplifted from it. I will deffo be doing it again.

Julie – UK – Skype reading

Having the type of session I had with Ann was a fairly new experience for me, and as I booked myself in I didn’t know what to expect.

I was looking for help with a troubled relationship and uncertainty about the direction of my work for the future.

I was left with clarity about things I already knew about the relationship on some level, but perhaps didn’t want to accept at the time. It brought much needed insight, and a willingness I hadn’t had before to start letting go of wishful thinking and concentrate on taking care of myself.

It helped in taking away the mental wrestling I’d been going through, and allowed to me see things from a place of greater insight.

This gave me much more understanding about the whole thing, and I will reach a place of letting go much quicker as a result of Ann’s help.

My work is very much ‘work in progress’ but as a result of Ann’s input I have a knowing that I’m going in the right direction, this in itself gives me extra confidence and enthusiasm for what I’m doing.

On both counts Ann has brought a peace of mind I wouldn’t have reached this quickly on my own.

Dee – UK – Phone reading

Ann you’ll never believe this but they agreed to a pay rise from the 1st of January… so that’s 2 in 6 months…

I am so grateful to you for making me realise my worth and asking the universe. Keeping me grounded.

You have honestly changed my life in the last 8 years. I can’t thank you enough

Iggy – Surrey – WhatsApp reading

I came to Ann in a very difficult time separating from my partner and in a dire situation trying to obtain custody of my 6 month child. So many unknowns and not knowing where or what to do I needed guidance.

All I can say is Anne was spot on with what soon came about. She gave me clear direction and guidance for my personal situation and I would not have known what to do without her.

Moreover I had an equally dire business situation at the same time! I needed to make a tough decision to start again or hold out and see if it could be turned around. I will never forget her words ‘it will sort itself out by the end of the month’. There I was on 30th of July 2017 wondering if it would be or not and my friend who was with me said well its not the end of the month yet, and just like magic on the 31st of July 2017 – it all turned around.

As much as I go to Ann for personal issues and guidance I have found with her readings have been accurate and even more guiding in my business. So many calls she has made almost to the day have been accurate.

I highly recommend all entrepreneurs that run their own worlds to reach out if you need direction on cross roads that always come up in the business cycle.

Kay – London – FaceTime reading

I found Ann Sinclair roughly 5 years ago and would highly recommend.

Ann and I check in a couple of times a year for a reading and I immediately feel lighter and brighter in energy afterwards. Ann is a kind and beautiful soul, full of empathy and wisdom, and has always offered comfort and insight when I needed support defining my direction.

For anyone looking to connect with a spiritual reading then this is for you x

Max – France / UK – Skype reading

I just wanted to thank you so much. I have made 3 sessions with you, the first was when I was living in England almost 4 years ago. At this time, I was lost, very young and heartbroken for the first time. And you helped me to get back on track. But not only that, also redefined my vision on life and on myself in general thanks to you. Everything has changed now. And I realized that I could never thank you properly for that. So thank you !

I might need your help soon as I feel like I am getting to a crossroad in my life, but for now I just wanted to express my gratitude.

Lori – Ireland – WhatsApp reading

Ann you’re a real tonic; thank you for the clarity, the healing and connecting with my mother and father. I will be in touch again. Have a lovely day.

Sarah – UK – FaceTime reading

A very accurate reading.

I just had the most amazing reading with Ann. It was so accurate and she confirmed so many things that had been bothering me.

My lovely Great Aunt came through and it’s so comforting to know she’s with me and knows all about the new baby.

A lovely kind and compassionate lady who I would recommend to everyone.

Thank you, I will definitely see you again x

Kat – Epsom – Private reading

Wow. Just wow. Ann knew things about my Nan that recently passed away that she just could not have found from social media or anywhere else. My session was incredibly comforting and accurate and has reaffirmed that my Nan is still with me and I’ll see her again. I’ve been a bit of a cynic in the past about these things but Ann is definitely worth seeing if you’re curious like me, or if you’re an avid medium-seeker! I’m now a believer!!

Wendy – Skype reading

Thanks so much for your time today. I feel so much lighter and freeer from your support and healing session. I’m now forging ahead and feeling excited about my future.

I do so appreciate your time and guidance.

Nicky – London – WhatsApp reading

So so accurate, unbelievable experience, OMG Ann is truly gifted. I found her online and managed to get a reading at very short notice. It was as if she knew my struggles that I got my reading so quickly. I was blown away with the accuracy and sheer content of her knowledge of my life. I’m still overwhelmed 4 hours later. A spirit guide came through which left me speechless, a phenomenal experience. Ann you are so blessed and amazing, thank you for my 1 hour reading, it was worth every penny. Truly grateful for your guidance and thank you for helping me with my journey in life. I will keep in touch. Nicky x

Wendy – Surrey – WhatsApp reading

Clarity in Uncertain Times. Thank you for today Ann. I gained clarity from your reading on many levels. My energy feels revitalised and I have a clear sense of direction in several life areas. I now understand the ‘challenges,’ I have been through this year and how to move forward.

Zi – London – Phone reading

Ann is a wonderful and talented lady! I consulted Ann during a very difficult period in my life which was compounded by being in lockdown during the Covid pandemic. She immediately knew what was the cause of my stress and worry in the first sentence! She went on to share a lot of insight and guidance that has been transformative for me. I felt a burden lifted after our consultation and my life has improved since. I feel happier and more hopeful and I highly recommend her.

Rose – London – FaceTime reading

Ann was spot on with my reading and helped me so much. I booked a session with Ann after finding her online, and I’m so glad I did. Not only did everything she tell me completely hit home with me, her general advice was also so brilliant and at the end of the session she even offered to do some energy clearing for me. I came away feeling like something had shifted for me and it has made such a difference to me. I would highly recommend her.

Elaine – London – Private reading

Just AMAZING. What can I say about Ann… she’s amazing. If you are looking for a reading and uncertain where to go, I can highly recommend Ann. Ann has a genuine desire to help people through their time of darkness and does so with true empathy, patience and compassion.

I’ve had a few readings with Ann now and wouldn’t hesitate to return. She’s always spot on and I have no doubt that if you are looking for someone that can provide you with insight, guidance and clarity, whatever your circumstances, Ann is your perfect choice. She has great empathy to whatever your situation and offers genuine help & guidance through her readings. I can’t recommend her enough. Love & light to all.

Jaini – Surrey – Private & phone reading

Amazing experience!

Ann is truly gifted. She had a 15 minute phone reading with me along with an hour in-person reading and I can say both times she was spot on and so so accurate with everything she advised me on. She is truly a gifted psychic / medium and is very approachable and welcoming. I will be going to her regularly whenever I feel the need to, and definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine, helpful and uplifting psychic. Thank you Anne, I already feel ready to tackle everything I was worried about!

Deeps – London – Phone reading

Amazing – recommend 100 percent.

I’ve been speaking with Ann for over 5 years now on all sorts of issues including family and employment. She is excellent and always accurate with my readings. It’s amazing how she picks up on what’s going on and advises me on how to handle situations which otherwise I would get upset about and make worse. I sometimes call her in a panic but by the time I’m off the phone I feel so much more settled and know everything will be fine… and it’s always fine with Ann’s advice. I would recommend her 100 percent. She has changed my life.

Lorna – Surrey – Phone reading

Amazing one of the best reading I’ve had, thanks!

Sarah – FaceTime – Reading

I took help from Ann for quite some time. She always helped me toward right directions. My mum and sister also had guidance from her. Her predictions came out right.

Recently my daughter became very anxious and depressed due to life’s event. I asked her to seek Ann’s help. Well the result was astounding!!

She did energy cleansing for only few minutes for her for the very first time. She came home, smiling, grounded and her face was bright!! As if the black cloud hanging over her disappeared!

I am so glad that I suggested Ann to her. Thank you, Ann, for everything you did for us! You are a God send!

Karen – London – FaceTime reading

After a very stressful year and then a break up I came to Ann for some guidance and help, she cleansed my energy and I immediately started to feel better, the deep pain that I was feeling in my heart was gone, I feel more grounded, light and positive.

Ann has a very sympathetic and calm approach and her readings put my mind at ease. She offered practical yet empathetic advice and I am very grateful for our session and will definitely be back for more.

Ann truly has an amazing gift and I have already recommended her work to my friends.

Thank you Ann for everything you truly are a blessing 🙂

Amanda – Online – Pet/Animal reading

I just want to say a massive thank you for the pet reading that you did on my 7 year old dog and 12 week old puppy. I am completely amazed at how accurate you were in describing their individual personalities and behaviour. All that you said has definitely put myself at ease and has given me the confidence to know that they will be happy and adapt to each other.

The energy healing work that you did on myself and both dogs was very much needed and already the puppy seems calmer and the older dog seems to have found her voice. Ann you are a lovely and caring person and you have given me a lot of strength. x

Debbie – Northampton – FaceTime reading

Ann has a beautiful spirit.
I had a reading which has been so accurate in many ways.
I would recommend Ann to anyone seeking answers.

Carol – Surrey – Private reading

I have been seeing Ann for 3 years now.

She’s very accurate in her mediumship and I always have a great feeling of comfort after her sessions through her ability to be able to tap into my dad’s energy.

Andy – Surrey – Private reading

I had not had a reading for many years and was a bit nervous. Ann soon put me at ease and it was really fantastic. My recently passed father came through and we had a lengthy discussion. Ann is very comforting in the way she channels and reads which has given me guidance now for the road ahead. The energy release at the end was a real bonus. I highly recommend her as a genuine guide.

Nicole – London – Skype reading

Great advice and talent. Ann is really friendly and totally on the ball. I recommend her to anyone seeking good advice as she has plenty! We had a great connection and she’s very talented. She helped me get through a really tough time with confidence. I will totally be chatting to her again!


Yaz – Surrey – Private reading

Positive, calming, and enlightening.

I turned up for my session with Ann feeling low, devastated with what had recently happened to me, and in not a very good place at all.

From start to finish with Ann I felt nothing but comfort. Her style of communication and what she told me was amazing! I couldn’t believe how accurate everything was, and how positive I felt as I was leaving. I had some healing and a reading on that day, and I have no regrets in going to seek some clarity from Ann.

I’m so grateful for my session with Ann and can’t recommend her services enough 🙂

Charlie – Surrey – Private reading

Thank you so much for today, best decision I have made in a while coming to meet you!

Margery – London – Phone reading

Your reading has been a revelation! You diagnosed what had been wrong in my life for all those years within 2 minutes of speaking to me. My whole outlook on life has changed for the better. Thank you so much.

Joanne – Surrey – Private reading

My reading with Ann had such a profound effect that it helped me completely change my relationship for the better.

Natalia – London – Phone reading

Wise and kind with a gift for seeing what we cannot see.

In addition to Anne’s clarity in seeing the past, present and future, she is a wise, kind and enlightened soul. Trusting her was easy as she always provides the best constructive guidance and clearly has each individual’s best interest at heart. More importantly she is a person with great integrity. I cannot recommend her enough.

Caroline – London – Skype reading

I keep meaning to send you a message to say thank you for my reading that you did several months ago. You probably don’t remember it because you do so many but so far everything you said has been bang on the button.

I have had quite a few readings from various mediums over time and I must say that yours have always been the most accurate and I also like the way you present your readings (with compassion and without waffle!).

Many thanks, Caroline

Helene – London / Denmark – Skype session

I started working with Ann only a few months back and she is simply the best!

I wanted a life coach approach to my sessions, and on a weekly basis we have been working together and her clarity and accuracy has been truly phenomenal. I use Ann for every aspect of my life from business / career to more emotional matters.

What is so wonderful about Ann is her down to earth & thorough approach to any situation. She combines all her gifts and I am left with a clear step by step guidance system I can easily apply and my results have been outstanding!

We have, in a very short period of time, worked through huge life changing challenges and Ann has made it so easy and effortless for me to face and work through them all calm and relaxed. She has saved me endless time and effort due to her accurate problem solving approach, so much so that it has felt like I had been given a fast forward button to where I wanted to be.

I still continue to use Ann on a regular counsellor / life coach basis, manifesting exactly what I want with her wonderful gifted advice.

What Ann has to offer is truly miraculous and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me and continues to do!

Many thanks Ann.

Kate – London – Phone reading

Thank you so much, I am feeling so much more positive after speaking with you. You were amazing, and gave some clarity to what I was already feeling/ thinking.

Am sure I will be in contact again soon.


Iain (Professional Medium) – Sussex – Private reading

I was privileged and blessed to have a tarot card reading with Ann yesterday. Ann’s overviews were spot on as was the information on the subjects we explored in great detail.

For me, Ann’s speciality has always centred on her accuracy around key life decisions which are both very helpful and comforting.

As a separate treatment, I enjoyed my first session of Angelic Reiki; a very different sensation from my point of view in contrast with normal Reiki.

Thank you Ann and very best wishes, lain

Sissi – London – Skype reading

I would like to say that you have enlightened my days since I had the pleasure to meet you.

Thanks to your guidance, wise words, and advice each obstacle was overcome successfully and my life got better.

My career was in jeopardy, my relationship broke down, my happiness was nowhere to be seen, I was stressed, hurt, in pain with loads in my plate to be honest and without Ann’s direction there is no way I would have turned the tables to a positive outcome in a short period of time. I really was going into a dark path.

Ann helped me in all my obstacles and I am very grateful and thankful.

I prayed and asked my Angels to guide me to a good person/ medium to get me through that dark period and I found Ann after trying others clairvoyant/ medium which were a miss. Since only Ann is important to me when it comes to sorting my life or getting in a better place.

Only Ann was able to help me the way I needed to be helped.

She helped me see the light, change my career situation to come back a winner (no joke I was about to lose it).. It’s because of Ann’s advice that I kept my job and they took me seriously and thing have improved for me.

In term of my separation Ann helped me with healing sessions and trust me 7 years relationship is not easy deal … I feel much better in comparison and if I didn’t have Ann with me this healing would have taking me ages to go through and she also helped me stay positive.

I need to point out that all predictions Ann made all came through. she said I will succeed in all my exams and I did, and many more prediction came though too.

She is a caring person and have one’s best interest at heart that’s why I love Ann she is an Angel with good intention and I thank you for being part of my life.

I have met plenty of medium/clairvoyant none provided me with such outcome or helped me heal when I need it.

They just went through answering questions without guidance or got it wrong … Ann not only read see hear but will always try to guide you to the best outcome possible … she is full of resources.

I am an adult & I chose to trust Ann and follow her guidance and trust me I do not trust easily and with Ann it came naturally.

I can talk to her have a laugh and still be happy after hanging up.

Other Mediums I saw in the past did not give me peace of mind, I would come back home and felt lost still with still many questions unanswered.

With Ann it’s a very different, Ann gives me peace of mind and love her for that too.

She has so many gifts and to me it’s perfect .. I had clearing, healing, predictions, past life regression all in different times.

Yes, I have loads of baggage that no one before her did help with so to me Ann is my guide and it’s such a relief to have someone that I can trust and really care for me and help me to be the best I can be.

I am forever grateful and Ann is and will always be part of my life and loving it.

Thank you.

Mrs. S – London – Phone reading

Amazing , Ann is outstanding !!

I have been lucky, 2 years ago I could not decide on decision making and Ann guided me in making better choices.

She is correct to the T!!

In hard times I have made correct decisions and seen solutions beforehand.

She is a friend and a guiding angel !!

Julie – Middle East & London – Skype reading

I have received several Skype sessions with Ann for guidance.

Initially I have to admit that I was sceptical as to whether a clear, accurate reading would be made via cyber space, even though I am a believer in the higher realms.

Ann within minutes hit the nail on the head regarding my situation… there is really something very special about her calming influence and her wonderful gifts. Needless to say I have had several consultations with Ann and will continue. The extra special gift she gives is wonderful; healing and ‘clearing’… priceless!

I feel blessed to have found Ann.

Thank you so very much.


Sue – London – Phone reading

Thank you for all the guidance you gave me when we were applying for schools for my son. It all worked out well exactly as you said. I was amazed!

You gave me peace of mind as I knew it would all work out.

Marilena – London – Private reading

Ann is absolutely excellent! I have seen her twice so far and I am sure I will use her services again. She is really good at what she does. I have recommended her to my friends without hesitation and will continue to use and recommend her services.

Jo – Sutton – Private reading

Ann is a gifted medium with a gentle approach. I hadn’t visited anyone like this before but I was seeking answers and guidance around a family matter. After researching online I decided to make an appointment to visit Ann. As soon as I arrived Ann’s warmth made me feel right at home. She is a lovely lady and I now see her on a regular basis. Ann helps me to receive answers and guidance across all areas of my life – business, home, motherhood, family – the list goes on.

A number of my family & friends have had spiritual readings with her too. My husband in particular found Ann amazing. The crystal energy clearings that Ann does at the end of our sessions leave me feeling energetic, fresh and full of life (and patience!) for days, often weeks after. Since first meeting Ann she has given spiritual readings to my mum and three friends, all of whom praised her for her gifts and nurturing ways.

My first session with Ann was particularly life changing for me. I’ve had an extremely strained relationship with a close family member over the past 15 years. With a 1 hour session Ann had not only provided me with answers that I never thought I’d have, but moreover she enabled me to forgive him completely. I honestly didn’t think this would ever be possible and the feeling was so liberating. Our relationship changed pretty much overnight, not because he has changed, but because my point of view has changed. I’ll always be grateful to Ann for that.

If anyone’s considering visiting a medium don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Ann. Whether you have a specific problem to explore or want to see what your angels and guides want to share with you, Ann will definitely be able to help. Good luck! I hope you find the answers like I did. I’m forever changed for it.

Thanks Ann!

Jill – Surrey – Private reading

Dear Ann, thank you so much for this morning. You are indeed wonderful. Was very grateful to feel like “normal” with you. I will be in touch to see you again soon x x x

Many thanks

Mandi – Surrey – Phone reading

Hi Ann.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time with me yesterday.
The phone reading although emotional has clarified why I feel the way I do.
I appreciate your understanding and gentle approach.
Although emotional, your reading was very accurate and made me fully aware of the choices I have to face.

Thankyou, Mandy.

Caroline – Dorset – Phone reading

Insightful, precise, warm and uplifting.

I was thoroughly impressed by your kind, understanding approach during my reading and the accuracy of analysis of events, relationships and pertinent issues raised.

Your insight into past, present and future issues was precise and practical.

Ben – London – Phone reading

I contacted you in April and exactly everything you have told me has happened last year til December.

I was very shocked how accurate you are.

Thanks for your insight.

Kristina – Surrey – Private reading

Hi Ann, just thought I’d let you know that out of nowhere I got a new job! Your reading was so right!


Sussie – Denmark – Skype reading

Thank you so much!! You were spot on, and everything you said made perfect sense. You saw everything very clearly and I am so impressed. All the things you said about my difficulties with my relationship, and how it affects my well being is so true.

You have a very good and comforting way of telling what you sense and see. There was nothing at all I couldn’t relate to. And also I am very happy to know that I am not alone and that I get help from the spirits around me. I will definitely see you again.

Sam – Surrey – Private reading

Thank you so much for the positive and inspiring reading last night, it’s given me a lift.

Thanks again, Sam.

Trevor – Surrey – Phone reading

A true friend and guide when needed, not just in initial incredibly accurate readings but giving ongoing help, support and guidance during spiritual life coaching sessions. Ann has helped me through a very difficult time.

Jo – Banstead – Private reading

I’d like to thank you for the spiritual energy clearing. Immediately after the clearing I felt amazing – happy free and full of energy. I was on a natural high for 48 hours after the clearing and felt like a brand new person. I’m still feeling as though I have a new lease of life almost 2 weeks later. I have told everybody about you and can’t wait to see you again after the holiday at the end of the month. You mentioned 2 weeks ago that you saw some international travel and I’m off to Tenerife soon!

Your gift is a blessing Ann and I know my angels bought me to you. You’ve done more for me than you know.

Forever thankful, Jo.

Michelle – Surrey – Private reading

As ever you are amazing. Thank you so much Ann. You hit the nail on the head every time.

Lorna – London – Private reading

Hi Ann, I saw you last Thursday and would like to sincerely thank you for such an inspirational spiritual reading. I am feeling much better and have taken your advice.

Once again thank you, Lorna.

Carolyn Anne – Phone reading

I had a clairvoyant reading with you about a month ago, I was trying to get a nanny job, you told me what to do. I followed your instructions and I got two offers, so I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’.

Sarah – Fetcham – Private reading

Ann is a truly gifted individual, not only spiritually, but her ability to focus on the issue at hand, to give practical, insightful and extremely supportive guidance and coaching is utterly amazing and completely invaluable. Ann has helped me more than words can say, I could not recommend her highly enough.

Margarita – Epsom – Private reading

I had a reading with you on 6th of September. Your reading was amazing and you really help me to organise my thoughts. When I visited you I had problems with my relationship which thanks to your advice is better now. Many thanks

Gill – Surrey – Private reading

Ann, you are like a rock, actually more like a angel sent to help people. You are truly special,  I would probably have sunk into a depression if you hadn’t have given me hope.

I never once felt that things hadn’t gone as you said they would. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anne – Epsom – Private reading

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your healing and spiritual clearing. I have had a good nights sleep and woken up without a headache for the first time in a week. Feels fantastic.

Sharon-Surrey – Private reading

I meet with Ann 2 or 3 times a year, there is no pattern to timings as it will suddenly occur to me that I need direction and clarification. Ann delivers every time and I even try to keep something back but I am always found out. Ann is always gentle and reassuring; it’s not advice or a recommendation to change course, it’s a comfort that your gut feelings are right.

Gemma – Surrey – Private reading

Just wanted to say big thank you for yesterdays session. Found it extremely useful and had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time last night.

Kate – Surrey – Private reading

Just wanted to tell you that after the spiritual energy clearing last night with you, I had no butterflies this morning and am feeling like a big heavy hat has been lifted off my head. Thank you!

Iain (Professional Medium) – Crawley – Private reading

Hi Ann, just been listening to the recording of your reading again and I would like to say how fantastic you are and I feel truly blessed to have met you.

Jo – Surrey – Private reading

Thank you so much for this morning Ann. I really appreciate your help and the guidance received was so insightful.

I left feeling on top of the world which s amazing considering how down I’ve been all week. I’m feeling positive and back to my old self again. I can’t thank you enough.

Pippa – Surrey – Phone reading

Just wanted to say thank you for this morning, I feel like a different person today, and even though what you told me about my past life was a bit surprising, it actually explains a lot, especially from my childhood.

I actually feel a sense of relief and that a burden has been lifted from me and would definitely like to find out more. Thank you so much.

Paul – Surrey – Skype session

I have many years’ experience of healing and teaching spiritual development but I can honestly say that Ann is the most effective healer and reader that I have had the pleasure of working with. I felt an immediate and profound improvement from the first deep healing session and on subsequent sessions she has cleared deep seated negative energy which had caused anxiety and periodic bouts of depression.

I now feel lighter, clearer and more positive plus her very perceptive spiritual readings have given me valuable insights into my present situation, the possible sources of problems in past lives and what I need to do to make the most of forthcoming opportunities.

Iain – Crawley – Private reading

Ann has been an enormous help and guide for me especially with matters surrounding personal relationship issues. Ann’s clairvoyant readings have been incredibly accurate for past, present and future aspects.

She is very thorough and if more depth is required, Ann will go that extra mile until more clarity is obtained. Ann has great energy surrounding her and is exceptionally professional. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ann based upon my experiences from clairvoyant readings with her.

Richard – Sussex – Phone reading

Thanks for the reading yesterday. It was probably the most helpful conversations I’ve ever had. You are a very gifted and lovely person. Thank you for your objectivity.

Lisa (Therapist) – Skype session

I have known Ann for many years and found her to be a kind and Professional Medium. Ann is a gifted, compassionate, heart-centred Medium with an authentic desire to help others. She is passionate about her work and her spiritual readings have been supportive and accurate.

Maury – Bookham – Skype session

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know. I’ll forever be thankful.

Danielle – Surrey – Private reading

You may not remember me but I had a clairvoyant reading with you and you told me that I would get a job I want in the Autumn. I had an interview on Friday and I was told that I got the job today. Thank you very much.

Sarah – Sutton – Private reading

Thanks Ann for the spiritual reading and energy clearing yesterday. I woke up this morning the most relaxed and smiling since I can’t remember when. It felt like a Disney movie with birds singing.

Denise – Surrey – Private reading

Just wanted to say thank you for the clairvoyant reading and spiritual clearing yesterday. I went to sleep straight away and I haven’t done that for a while. Woke up feeling positive, it was like I’d taken a happy pill.

Marilena – London – Private reading

Thank you for yesterday. I always feel really good after seeing you. Best wishes, Marilena.

Jan – Surrey – Private reading

Ann has helped me overcome my feelings of anxiety and negativity. A challenging new job and house move brought me to Ann. Through healing and empowering visualisation I have moved forward and am now fulfilled in my job and happily settled in my lovely new home. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann.

Natalia – Surrey – Private reading

Thank you for my spiritual reading yesterday, was absolutely spot on.

Patrick – London – Phone reading

Ann, thank you so much for the positive telephone clairvoyant reading today. It has given me a big lift, I am more ready to move on and overcome my recent difficulties. I will inform you of my progress. Thank you once again. Patrick.

Caroline – Crawley – Private reading

I saw Ann at a time when I knew what direction I wanted to go but was not sure of the best route. The angel reading showed me what areas I should concentrate on and gave me much clarity of my ultimate aim.

Ann works with great compassion and is very professional. I’ve been following her advice on using my angels with great enjoyment and success. I will definitely use her services again and would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Jane – Epsom – Private reading

I have visited Ann on a number of occasions and have always found her spiritual readings both accurate and extremely helpful. I always come away more positive and knowing what I need to do. Ann is a warm and approachable lady and I would not hesitate in recommending her to my friends or family.

Keely – Surrey – Private reading

Thank you for my first psychic reading yesterday, I found it very interesting and inspiring. Much love.

Gemma – Sutton – Private reading

Ann was lovely and as soon as I got there she put me at ease straight away. Her advice has given me the strength to start making changes to my life that needed to be made to give me a happier future.

Paula – Fetcham – Private reading

I visited Ann for a reading in 2011 and found her to be kind hearted, attentive and a very good listener. Her reading for me was very thorough and accurate, supplying me with information concerning a upcoming family event that proved to be very important and helpful. I will gladly return to Ann when I am in need of advice or spiritual healing in the future.

Laura Topper (Life Coach) – Brighton – Private reading

Ann is extremely intuitive and caring, and working alongside Ann I know that she uses her abilities wisely to guide you through a healing process that allows you to understand the paths that you have taken and those that are yet to be discovered. Ann is extremely sensitive to her client’s life situations and allows for the process of healing that comes with a psychic reading.

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