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As the nights draw in, it’s sometimes a time of coughs and colds. So I’ve just added a new service – an Express Healing Session which helps with low energy, and Angelic Reiki, all done in a mini-15 minute session online, priced at £35.

This allows access to a reasonable treatment to pick you up in the winter months, and is particularly useful if you find yourself tired or run down. It is also useful for anxiety as it’s very grounding. These treatments are supplementary to visiting your doctor, and please do seek professional advice for any health concerns.


I have also started up a Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Group on Facebook recently.

Spiritual empowerment group for women banner

You can find the group on Facebook here – please do join if it interests you.


Lastly, I’m now doing live card readings on TikTok, as well as my regular spiritual posts. If you’d like to follow me on TikTok here is the link, simply scan it with your phone.

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Wishing you a healthy and happy Winter

Kind wishes

Ann Sinclair

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