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Ascension is the process of increasing your vibrational frequency.

Increased spiritual perception and awakening psychic abilities lead to greater compassion for people, animals and the planet.

But there are some ascension symptoms that cause discomfort.

Challenges, emotional struggles sometimes mental and physical pain may occur on this journey.

Things that no longer serve your highest good may crumble away and dissolve to make way for what will serve you better on your new journey.

Relationships, jobs, people, belief patterns, habits and lifestyle may all come up for review and can be manifested into something better.

When you try to hold on to what has been when it no longer serves you may be the hardest challenge.

Trust in the process and be willing to go with what is being presented to unfold your new path and a different way of thinking and being.

Maybe you’ll need to change your perspective and look for the silver lining in situations, focus on the positives that are unfolding.

Try to stay in the moment, breathe and not overthink too much.

Using guided meditation or controlled breathing to quiet the mind and relax the body.

Crystals, salt baths and essential oils like lavender can restore the balance.

Ask your Angels and guides to help during this period and trust they will support you through the journey.

Nature, being outdoors or by water can help with grounding and revitalising you.

But most of all know that everything is changing for a higher purpose, trust and you will be spiritually supported.

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