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Spirit guides are different to your Guardian Angel or Angels.

They are not here to control your life rather to give you little gems of knowledge to lead you further on your spiritual path and inner wisdom.

Often a good place to link in with your guides is a serene place that you already know exists and can therefore visualise easily.

It might be by a river bank or a beautiful garden.

It’s good to set the scene.

Turn off phones, make sure you won’t be disturbed, light a candle or incense.

Sit quietly taking some deep breathes in and out till you feel relaxed

Ask your guide to step forward.

Sometimes you can see your guide or a vague shape, sometimes you might just sense a change if energy around you or a change of temperature.

You can ask your guide to communicate with you but again be willing to practice this if it doesn’t happen straight away.

Sometimes the connection can happen easily and but not always so be willing to contact and speak with your guide as often as you can.

It’s a wonderful experience so enjoy the time with spirit.

When you have finished connecting or sitting with your guide thank them for their time and support.

Gratitude can bring in more wonderful experiences.

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