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When we don’t feel grounded we can feel tired, unsettled, anxious and sometimes drained by other people.

To protect and ground yourself it is important to make this part of your regular routine.

Preferably morning and evening but more often if you feel yourself flagging at other times of the day.

It’s all about the intent and so can be done in your head rather than out aloud particularly if you are not in a private space to do this protection work.

So first imagine yourself either in a bubble of light or a cloak of protection enveloping you from top to toe.

The choices of colour of cloak or bubble are up to you, often silver, purple or gold are good spiritual colours.

Visualise some roots growing from your feet deep into the earths core to ground you.

Finally take some deep breaths in and out to bring you back to centre.

Practice makes perfect so keep going with it to feel the longer term benefits!

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