I am a Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Worker with many years experience working both in the UK and Internationally.

My sessions can include clairvoyant readings, spiritual life coaching, healing, guidance and counselling on the telephone, via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp or in person at my home in Epsom, Surrey.

When you are at a crossroads, perhaps have lost direction or need insight, I can channel information and guidance to help you move forward more positively and with more clarity. I can look at any matter of concern from love, relationships, family, career choices, business and finance, emotional and life direction.

My readings give insight for 6-9 months, in some cases longer.

My particular area of expertise is love and soulmate connections. I can look at character and behaviour of the other party, underlying issues, choices to be made, the best way to move forward and the outcomes.

Sometimes, energy work can help with letting go of past love relationships or help with becoming ready to let go of an existing one that is hard to move on from.

I use a combination of channeling and cards and work with my spirit guides, although please note that I do not bring through messages from family or friends who have passed into spirit.

The type of clairvoyant readings and healing I offer can help with stress, anxiety, emotional issues, over-sensitivity, well-being, confidence and self-esteem issues.

I also work with healing on current situations and relationships, past life healing, tie cutting, energy clearing, spiritual development and protection, as well as psychic channelled drawings and messages from your guides.

In addition, I offer regular spiritual counselling, guidance and life coaching which can be on a weekly, fortnightly or on an ad hoc basis. This is particularly useful in times of stress, difficulty or life changes when extra support and insight is needed.

In the changing times we live in, it can be very beneficial to work with your spiritual gifts. Whether it’s to help yourself in everyday life with the challenges that it brings, or to earn a living using your gifts professionally, I can help you develop and have confidence in your gifts, to understand them and support your journey.

I offer one to one sessions which are on a higher spiritual level, whether its to connect to your higher self, learn to work with your spirit guides, understand yourself and your past better or to have the confidence to start your own journey working professionally as a Medium or Healer.

I am now running small groups from my home in Epsom, Surrey. These are for spiritual development, mediumship, mindfulness and meditation as well as specific workshops on spiritual subjects. Please feel to contact me regardless of your experience, as there’s something to suit all levels of experience, including beginners.

My work history includes work at UK spiritual events and shows, psychic fairs, psychic parties, readings on various psychic phone lines including Psychic Today, Sky TV and working on their live TV show, readings at Spiritual Quest in Epsom, Surrey.

Please click here for bookings or ring me on 07732 789879.

Please note that phone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp readings are just as effective as private readings. My testimonial page reflects feedback on all three types of readings so please do take a look and contact me if you are unsure about which to choose or how to book it.