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Crystals are lovely to have in the home, office or to carry or wear.

The energy of each stone is individual and can be used to help emotional issues, healing, for chakra work, crystal grid work and manifesting. Most importantly they can be used to help support you on your emotional, physical and spiritual journey.

When choosing a crystal, source if from a reputable supplier as the quality can vary, and try to see or hold the stone you are buying first in person. I always allow myself to be drawn visually first to whichever crystal appeals to me, before looking at the stones properties.

Often it is relevant to something I am needing to work on or release at that time so it’s good to be intuitive with choosing. If you know you want to work on certain areas like grounding, inner peace or love, then check which stones encompass those energies first.

Once home, rinse your stone in cold water and air dry. You can recharge your crystal’s energy from time to time under a full moon.

The two crystals in the videos below are Amethyst and Rose Quartz.


Amethyst qualities help with grounding yourself, physical ailments, emotional issues, insomnia, inner peace, contentment, stability and inner strength.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the universal stone for love. It helps with unconditional love for others and self love, promoting love and friendship on all levels and a deep healing for the heart and inner peace. It can also be used to attract in more love into your life and be used to manifest with or in spiritual ceremonies or crystal grids.

Enjoy your crystals, the more you work with them the more connection you will feel.



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