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Greetings at winter solstice

The winter solstice this weekend accompanied by a full moon is essentially a sacred gateway offering an opportunity to release the past and move into a higher level of being, both emotionally and spiritually.

This universal year has been a time of huge personal learning on all levels allowing us to let go of what no longer serves our higher self.

For some people this has been liberating but for others it can be a time of great challenge letting go of what has been outgrown and to embrace a more expanded thinking.

During the winter solstice it is a good time for reflection to review would would be good to release, old beliefs, thought patterns and habits.

And what might you like to replace these with in the future.

This can be done as a spiritual ritual with candles, crystals and intention.

Writing your thoughts , wishes and ideas on paper can clarify matters.

You can can take your paper outside somewhere safe and private to burn and send those requests out to the Universe.

This way you set new intentions for the coming year.

Happy manifesting and wishing you a peaceful healthy 2018.


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