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As we have just reached the shortest day on the 21st December, the Winter Solstice, we are perhaps looking back at this year.

A time of upheaval and great change, but also one where we can look at what we’ve learnt from this chapter.

Perhaps we’ve gone within, and realised that we can’t rely on external pleasures to make us happy, but we always carry that capability within.

Where situations seem uncertain and bring up anxiety for the future, the best we can do is try to still the mind, calm the body and go with the flow knowing this is only a moment in time.

This calls for great patience, understanding of the greater lessons underneath all the upheaval and difficulties.

Using nature as an opportunity to be outside, to connect to the environment, to walk, to journal, speak with friends and family.

To meditate, use creative pursuits and projects to ground yourself.

All of these can help during uncertain times.

If you can ask your guides, Angels and the universe to help you and support you at this time, then you will find spiritual signs that you are being looked after.

And most importantly remember that this is only a moment in time and it will pass, leaving you stronger if you are able to take the positives onto your future path.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas, whatever you are doing and whenever you are.


I’m currently working using phone, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger during the lockdown period should you need any support at this time, and hope to be back to doing in person readings soon.

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