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Everyone has days which may not start well or feel stressful. Often irritations and problems can colour your mood and then it feels hard to break the cycle. Try a few of the following to improve your day!

1 Breathing

Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly.

Do this a number of times till you feel yourself settling down and feeling more centred.

This can be done anywhere without anyone else being aware of what you are doing, so it’s good for on the go!

2 Observe

Look around you slowly and try to focus on five things you can see in detail.

Look at them in detail.

Focusing on items we can see brings us back into the moment and help you to feel more grounded.

3 Gratitude

Even it might be hard right now, if you are able to find three things that you are grateful for even if they are small things.

If you have to dig deep, still do it.

If you can see some good in your life and focus on it even when times feel difficult, an attitude of gratitude will often turn around negative thoughts into more positive ones.

4 keep your thoughts positive

This can sometimes feel hard particularly if you are going through a difficult or stressful time.

The universal law of attraction tends to supply more of what we’re focused on.

So if you are sending out a lot of worry to a situation it might benefit from a rethink of how you are seeing it.

Sometimes asking for some spiritual help from your guides, angels or the universe can help you feel more supported and less worried.

Support yourself with mindfulness or spiritual reading or blogs.

Affirmations can help too.

What we think about, we can become, so keep it upbeat.

The main thing is to find something for you that clicks whether it’s a particular author, manta or motivational online coaching blogs, the list is endless.

5 Visualisation

See in your mind somewhere you have loved going, a dearly beloved, something that makes you smile!

Happy thoughts are positive thoughts!

Replace the overthinking with something more rewarding.

You are the maker of your thoughts.

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