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While a lot of the world is closed down, I’m still working and am available to help and offer support, so if you you would like any guidance or healing during this period I’m working online on the phone, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Messenger.

And in the meantime I thought I’d share some tips I use myself in case they also help you.

  1. Keep to routine as much as possible ~ meals, bedtime and rising.
  2. Keep informed of safety measures via the news but only ONCE a day. More time looking at the news can create more fear and anxiety.
  3. Eat as sensibly and healthily as you can and try not to graze.
  4. Establish either meditation or mindfulness routines preferably first thing to set your intentions for the day.
  5. Keep in touch regularly with friends and family online and by phone. Reach out to others that might be isolated.
  6. Either being in the garden or a good long walk will ground you, lift your spirits and help you sleep better.
  7. Any form of exercise or stretching, especially if you can’t get outdoors easily, is helpful.
  8. Be patient with others and their anxiety during this time.
  9. If you aren’t working, try to do jobs in the house or garden, even if you don’t initially fancy it. It can keep you busy and gives a sense of achievement.
  10. Anything you chose to watch, listen to or read, let it be uplifting. Your thoughts and mood are affected by what you take in .
  11. Listening to meditations on YouTube, taking an online course to study a new subject, watching videos of crafts and many other skills and interests, all of these are readily available and don’t cost much if anything.
  12. All of the above applies to children in most ways too. If they see us coping, then they will thrive in this time.
  13. Finally, enjoy the time you’ve been given and find something, however small, to be grateful for in each day.

We will get through this, but how you decide to approach it might determine your experience in this period!

Make it a positive one ?

Take care and be safe.

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