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Waiting for Change

Sometimes we are in limbo! We are waiting for the next event or stage in our lives. When we feel things will be better or different. How often have we said to ourselves “I will feel better when I’ve changed jobs / moved to a better area / found a more fulfilling...

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Manifesting is about asking the universe and the spiritual world for what you would like in your life to enhance it. It could be more financial stability, help with studying, new projects and ventures and of course improvement in love and relationships. It could be...

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Creating a Spiritual Altar at Home

Building a small altar in your home or room to connect spiritually is easy and enjoyable. Firstly clear the space you are going to use with a sage stick or good quality incense or essential oils. Use an area that is private and easily accessible. You can arrange your...

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How to cope when you are a sensitive person

About one fifth of the population are on the sensitive side and often before people learn to understand and work with it, sensitivity can sometimes be considered a burden. However it can be a wonderful gift as it often goes hand in hand with being intuitive and...

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When you aren’t having a good day!

Everyone has days which may not start well or feel stressful. Often irritations and problems can colour your mood and then it feels hard to break the cycle. Try a few of the following to improve your day! 1 Breathing Breath in through your nose and out through your...

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Spiritually cleansing your personal space, home or office

Our personal space is important. It needs to feel tranquil and uncluttered in order for us to either be able to relax or work productively. Some of the following tips may be useful to change the energy of your space, even if you only do a couple. A few small changes...

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Grounding & protecting your energy field

When we don't feel grounded we can feel tired, unsettled, anxious and sometimes drained by other people. To protect and ground yourself it is important to make this part of your regular routine. Preferably morning and evening but more often if you feel yourself...

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How to cope with overthinking and worry

When times are stressful or if the habit of anxiety and over thinking take over your life and your head, there are a number of things you can consider doing to help yourself keep more in the moment. 1 Meditation Either sitting quietly for a few minutes each day can...

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Cleansing your aura and energy field

Our auras and energy fields are constantly interacting with the energy of others. It's not surprising then that if we have been with someone negative, depressed or difficult that we can often feel that our mood has been affected and our vibrational energy drops. Over...

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Signs from your Angels

Angels are spiritual beings with a different frequency to humans. Angelic guidance can come in the form of channelled messages, dreams, flashes of inspiration and signs to nudge you in the right direction. Once you ask for guidance be prepared to notice some of the...

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How to cope with ascension symptoms

Ascension is the process of increasing your vibrational frequency. Increased spiritual perception and awakening psychic abilities lead to greater compassion for people, animals and the planet. But there are some ascension symptoms that cause discomfort. Challenges,...

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Connecting with your spirit guides

Spirit guides are different to your Guardian Angel or Angels. They are not here to control your life rather to give you little gems of knowledge to lead you further on your spiritual path and inner wisdom. Often a good place to link in with your guides is a serene...

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