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Soulmates come into our lives to teach us.

They aren’t only love relationships but can be family or friends too.

Often they come in to help us work through certain lessons in our lives through presenting us with challenges where we have to find qualities of patience, determination, boundary setting and so on.

When the lesson isn’t learnt it will come in again until there’s a light bulb moment and you suddenly realise that you either need to deal with it differently or the relationship is not one that is serving you any longer.

When soulmates come into your life there’s often repeating themes, especially in love.

And you can find yourself unable to let them go even though the journey with them might have been emotionally finished.

This is because there’s karmic journeys and reincarnated lifetimes with soulmates.

Your soul is on some level remembering the commitment you’ve made in another lifetimes.

Don’t confuse soulmates with twin flames.

Soulmate relationships are often unsettling, unbalanced, learning curves and challenging.

But they will help your personal growth so embrace and learn from them.

If you are interested in a relationship or soulmate reading, have any difficulties you need guidance and insight on, please do contact me.

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