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Good morning, I hope you are well and safe at this time.

One of the things that most clients are talking to me about at the moment is low level anxiety, not being able to sleep well and generally feeling uncertain about life.

So today my thoughts are about self care and anchoring in these changing times.

It’s important for us all to have an anchor in our lives, and when we’ve had a difficult period such as a bereavement, personal problems and uncertainty this can all challenge how we cope with life.

This can also apply when there is general anxiety as a collective, and everyone you’re meeting or talking to is also feeling some of these emotions too.

Is very easy to pick up other peoples worries and find that this lowers your mood and feeling of wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s important to find new ways of coping and accepting a period in time, rather than trying to make sense of it, or resist how it’s making you feel.

Being fully present with whatever you do in your day is is a good way to anchor yourself.

Whether it’s a domestic job or something more pleasurable, if you’re not fully present then your mind is out in the future thinking and worrying about the next task or situation to deal with.

Meditation can be very powerful and grounding, helping to keep you in the moment and allowing you more acceptance and flow during your day.

Being outdoors, fresh air and nature, walking, being creative, journaling, gardening, exercise are all good for the soul too.

Maybe there’s something you can build into your daily routine to help you keep present in the moment to help you feel more grounded and peaceful.

It’s not what happens that matters , it’s your response to what happens that counts.

If you can allow your response to change by adjusting your coping mechanisms, it can help your journey.

Have a lovely day.


I’m now doing face to face readings in a lovely therapy room at Quest in the Ashley Centre, Epsom every Monday and Wednesday between 10.30am and 3.30pm.

There are social distancing measures and screens to safeguard your health during the reading.

Alternatively I’m working online Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on the phone, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger.

Have a look here to make a booking, or to check availability call 07732 789 879 or email .

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