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Letting Go of Outcomes

Practising detachment and letting go of outcomes with people and situations can be challenging, but also an empowering experience.

When we want a thing or a situation to be a certain way, we are immediately trying to control that event or feeling.

We can’t always know what is best for us, so by passing the situation over to the spirit world or the universe, we can, through conversation, prayer or meditation invite a higher consciousness to work out the best outcome for us.

We may be able to look back at a later date and see the very thing we believed we needed or wanted turned out differently when we released any attachment, and that offered a better outcome in the longer term.

A Deep Trust

This requires a deep trust in the universe or spirit world that all will be well, a bit like a young child which has unwavering confidence in outcomes before fears or disappointment changes their thought processes.

It allows for situations that are sometimes difficult to deal with alone to be passed over and supported on a higher level.

When I have any situations like this and I need some help from my spiritual team, I often finish my conversation or meditation with them by saying: “and let the outcome be for everyone’s highest and greatest good.”

This allows the flow to happen without any attachment or worry and often ends with a better outcome.



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