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About one fifth of the population are on the sensitive side and often before people learn to understand and work with it, sensitivity can sometimes be considered a burden. However it can be a wonderful gift as it often goes hand in hand with being intuitive and psychic and if developed can lead to mediumship and healing skills.

The best approach is to understand and harness it for your highest good rather than be in conflict with the emotions that it can sometimes bring.

Traits of sensitive people can be about feeling other people’s energy too much, being overwhelmed by others or situations, feeling ungrounded or anxious, feeling out of kilter or on high alert.Sometimes they can also hear or feel spirit but don’t understand what’s happening or doubt it, which can lead to further insecurities. So the following ideas are things you might like to try to support yourself to feel more comfortable.

1 Read up on the subject

There are many different books and blogs on the subject to help you understand the matter more.

Understanding is the first step to feeling more empowered.

2 Lifestyle

What works in your life and what isn’t sitting comfortably.

Are your working in an environment that fits with your nature, do you need more time to nurture your quiet side?

Do you have the right level of support from family and friends and do they understand your needs.

Sometimes it’s worth explaining to people around you how you feel and how they can support that.

3 Learn how to ground and protect your energy field

Details of how to do that are in an article on my blog page, grounding and protecting your energy field.

This will make you feel more in your body and give you a little separation from people’s energy which can sometimes be overwhelming or draining if you are picking it up too easily.

4 Consider whether you would like to develop your sensitive side by working with your guides and angels

This can bring you into more flow, help you feel supported in your journey and is also a lovely experience.

There are two articles on connecting with your guides and angels also on my blog page.


Embrace the person you are, harness and channel your emotions and energy instead of it controlling you.

Sensitivity is to be cherished and enjoyed once you understand it.

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