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2019 is a universal 3 year and there is no better time to spiritually and emotionally to declutter your life.

Fears that hold us back can manifest in different ways; from nagging self doubts to such strong emotions that can physically stop us from feeling the joy of experiencing life to the full.

It’s always useful to look beyond the surface.

When fears manifest, it can cover the more deep rooted less obvious situations that you may not have expected.

Whether you use professional help, read self help books or journal yourself, there’s no doubt to do some inner work can really help improve your outlook.

Taking a spiritual approach, using meditation and mindfulness tools can all help with any anxiety that occurs when working through the layers of emotions.

In the end, the more baggage we unpack, the lighter we get to feel.

If this subject is something you’d like to explore or would like some help with around what holds you back and how to declutter your life please do contact me on 07732 789879 or email me.

I work as a clairvoyant, spiritual life coach, energy worker and teach spiritual development.

My sessions can be in private or online on the phone, Skype ,FaceTime ,WhatsApp and Messenger.

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