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Some of the ancient skulls date back more than 2000 years!

Made from different crystals or stone they enhance psychic energy & auras, and have even been known to emit sounds.

Used in a group of skulls or placed with other crystals they amplify the energy of your psychic ability, your thoughts and connection with spirit.

Used collectively, crystal skulls create a greater vibration and energy.

This can be used to aid your own healing, and as a powerful tool to heal others if you are a healer.

Use them in meditation or in a grid to set intention.

They boost spirituality and the vibration of where they reside, bringing peace and harmony.

The darker colours like amethyst tend to be more grounding and can channel excess energy to root and earth chakras, keeping you more grounded.

Crystal skulls are powerful tools which some people are very drawn to, and others are not, a little like marmite.


Love them or not, they are amazing!

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