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Undoubtedly this can be the busiest and sometimes most stressful time of year, and here are a few ideas to provide some self-nurture to survive more positively this year.

  1. Being clear on what you can realistically do in terms of arrangements, visits and entertaining.
    Don’t forget that doesn’t need to be perfect just good enough because sometimes perfectionism can be an exhausting experience and take away from the enjoyment of the festivities.
  2. Ask for help or delegate to helpful family members or friends whenever you can.
    Exhaustion or resentment can cause more problems so don’t be afraid to speak up if things are getting too much.
  3. Take a 10 min break when you can to restore and refresh yourself.
    If time allows a power nap can be great.
  4. Don’t get roped into doing things you don’t want to do.
    But if you have to, at least set a time limit.
  5. To recharge your energy:
    Go for a walk to blow the cobwebs away.
    A short session of stretching, yoga or exercise.
    A hot bath with scented salts and candles.
    A good book in a quiet corner.
    Art, craft or baking.
    Ask for a quiet half hour on your own to unwind when no one will disturb you.
  6. Try to keep as normal routine with sleep as possible.
  7. Focus on all the nice and uplifting experiences during this period.
  8. Set your intentions or manifest on New Year’s Eve day before you go to celebrate, to bring in all that you can work with to make next year positive and uplifting.

Wishing you all a relaxed Christmas with much fun and positivity and a peaceful new year!

If you would like either a reading, energy clearing, healing or some spiritual guidance I will be available over the Christmas period into new year.

Please ring to check availability before booking on 07732 789 879 or email on

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