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The Dalai Lama said ‘sleep is the best meditation’.

If you’ve slept well, all things seem possible. If you haven’t, even the smallest of tasks seems to take more effort.

Sleep refreshes the mind and the body leaving you with a general sense of well being, and being able to deal with situations and relationships in a more positive way. It can sometimes feel elusive particularly if you are going through big life changes like being a new parent, divorce, bereavement or moving home.

Even during these more challenging times there are certain tools than can assist a better night’s sleep and keep us on more of an even keel. A series of small changes can assist, especially if the lack of sleep becomes another worry in itself.

Here are some ideas that aren’t revolutionary but worth considering:

  • Are you able to get a regular bedtime to build a good routine around? Everyone needs a different amount of sleep, so it’s worth looking at gradually bringing back your bedtime to suit you if you feel you’re not getting enough hours.
  • Maybe look at your food and drink before bedtime as well, as lighter eating and more time to digest can make a difference to even falling asleep. Caffeine and stimulants can affect people and their ability to relax differently too.
  • It is very beneficial if you are able to unwind from technology, screen time and work prior to going to bed as the mind can be overstimulated by all that we are processing.
  • Is your bedroom relaxing with soft lighting, good surroundings, free of clutter and the right temperature? Fresh air and the right environment can make quite a difference to your ability to relax.

Some other thoughts to consider that can assist are creating a nighttime routine including some wind down time beforehand.

  • Using guided meditation or breath work to relax are very helpful and there’s plenty of mindfulness apps nowadays.
  • Using lavender or essential oils, or Himalayan rock salt lamps to create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Soaking in a warm bath with oils and relaxing music prior to bedtime.

Whatever small steps and changes you can consider there’s always something that we can do to make our life more peaceful.

Wishing you good sleep and better energy in 2019!

If this article interested you and you would like to learn more about mindfulness or living with more peace and flow your life, please do contact me. I work as a spiritual life coach, clairvoyant, healer and energy worker.

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