How to cope with overthinking and worry

tree reflected in water

When times are stressful or if the habit of anxiety and over thinking take over your life and your head, there are a number of things you can consider doing to help yourself keep more in the moment.

1 Meditation

Either sitting quietly for a few minutes each day can have big benefits for your mind and your health.
There are plenty of books on how to meditate or you could use a guided meditation in the form of a CD or app on your phone.
Choose something that you feel connected to as it will be more enjoyable and beneficial.

2 Journalling

Getting your thoughts and worries down on paper can help you to process your thoughts and sometimes a solution will result.
Even if this isn’t the case it can be useful to see if it seems more manageable once it’s written down.

3 Relaxing

Relaxing music, crystals, essential oils are all beneficial to wellbeing.
Try to source good quality oils and crystals as there synthetics which do not have the desired effect.

4 Nature

There’s nothing as grounding as being outside in nature and the fresh air.
Blow the cobwebs away, even if the weather requires you to wrap up.

5 Exercise

Walking, swimming, gym or any sport that leaves you with a sense of wellbeing.

6 Water

Being by the sea, a river, a pond can be relaxing and help us to reconnect to nature and ourselves.

7 Friends and family

Connecting with a friend or loved one can be a great pick me up.
Let them know you were thinking of them and maybe make a plan to meet up.

8 Creativity

Doing something creative doesn’t need to be expensive.
You could start a sketchbook, an art workshop or class, a new online course, journaling, cake making, the list is endless.
Creativity requires you to be in the moment and something wonderful can come out of it.

9 A treat

Preferably something good for you, that would lift your spirits and that you could look forward to.

10 Animals

Cats and dogs are great therapy.
If you don’t have one perhaps you could visit a friend who does.

Ann Sinclair works as a Medium, Energy worker and Healer, either one-to-one in private, or on the phone, by Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, both in the UK and internationally. Ann offers spiritual readings, Angelic Reiki, energy clearing, spiritual guidance and counselling, spiritual development and past life clearing.


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