Waiting for Change

Sometimes we are in limbo! We are waiting for the next event or stage in our lives. When we feel things will be better or different. How often have we said to ourselves “I will feel better when I’ve changed jobs / moved to a better area / found a more fulfilling relationship / passed Continue Reading »


Manifesting is about asking the universe and the spiritual world for what you would like in your life to enhance it. It could be more financial stability, help with studying, new projects and ventures and of course improvement in love and relationships. It could be help needed for loved ones and their journey or health. Continue Reading »

Signs from your Angels

Angels are spiritual beings with a different frequency to humans. Angelic guidance can come in the form of channelled messages, dreams, flashes of inspiration and signs to nudge you in the right direction. Once you ask for guidance be prepared to notice some of the common signs. Sometimes it’s validation of a question you may Continue Reading »

How to cope with ascension symptoms

Ascension is the process of increasing your vibrational frequency. Increased spiritual perception and awakening psychic abilities lead to greater compassion for people, animals and the planet. But there are some ascension symptoms that cause discomfort. Challenges, emotional struggles sometimes mental and physical pain may occur on this journey. Things that no longer serve your highest Continue Reading »