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Waiting for Change

Man sitting on an icy lake

Sometimes we are in limbo!

We are waiting for the next event or stage in our lives.

When we feel things will be better or different.

How often have we said to ourselves

“I will feel better when I’ve changed jobs / moved to a better area / found a more fulfilling relationship / passed my exams / and so on…”?

The list is endless.

And sometimes it does improve how you feel.

And sometimes not as much as you’d hoped.

That’s because of the inner feelings and emotions we take with us into each new situation

So if we are unsatisfied, lacking direction or confidence, looking for an answer or more purpose then the solution is not always outside of ourselves.

Sometimes we have to look within and see whether there is pattern of waiting for life to be better.

The true peace we can find in any given time is if we accept where we are at and try to find some happiness and benefits, however small, in that period.

There’s a lovely story I read years ago…

It’s about a young man who was unhappy at university, who decided that his life would truly begin once he had his qualifications and started work.

Of course once he was working the dissatisfaction returned and he thought perhaps marriage would be the solution.

Once married it seemed that having children would truly fulfil him.

But of course then he was waiting for the children to grow up and leave home so he could feel more peaceful.

After that it seemed obvious that retirement would take him out of the rat race and produce all the happiness that he’d yet to find in life.

Once he retired, the next stage was…

Well you can imagine the rest.

The point is, he never learnt to enjoy any period of his life as he was always racing ahead to find a solution in the future.

Sometimes it is hard staying present, particularly when things feel uncertain.

But enjoyment, laughter, friends, family, hobbies, nature, exercise, meditation and spiritual connection can all play a big part to help us feel grounded and centred whilst life is moving naturally forward.


wooden jetty at sunset

Manifesting is about asking the universe and the spiritual world for what you would like in your life to enhance it.

It could be more financial stability, help with studying, new projects and ventures and of course improvement in love and relationships.

It could be help needed for loved ones and their journey or health.

The list is endless.

But when you manifest it’s important to remember that we are all on a journey of learning and character building and so some things you ask for may take longer than others.

This is because sometimes the learning needed to be gained from waiting, or for receiving what is good for you rather than what you think you need is important for your path.

So sometimes when I have been teaching this subject a client may well ask, if they have been asking for financial abundance or even a lottery win, why It hadn’t yet happened.

Maybe the lottery win would take away the character forming process and so spirit guides delay in that in order for other personal qualities to be developed like patience, tenacity, determination.

Perhaps there is some deeper purpose to not getting exactly what you have asked for at exactly the time you have asked.

How often can you look back on your life and see that the timing of certain things happening was all important.

Maybe meeting the love of your life wouldn’t have been sustainable at one time yet only a while later the timing can work it out beautifully because your personal circumstances could now allow for this.

So I feel very much that this is something to be taken into account.

When I manifest myself with spirit, I do leave the timing and the way it might happen, to unfold in the best way possible for all concerned.

This way there is more flexibility with how spirit can bring in your desires and sometimes even in a better way that you could not have imagined.

Having said that, if you have a idea of how what you would like, this is the basis process.

Set a time and space to work with your Guides, Angels and the Universe

You can use ritual, candles, incense and crystals to assist though it’s not essential.
If you are asking for spiritual help it’s only courteous to dedicate a small space of time to connect and set your intentions.

Be clear about what you’re asking for but not so rigid that it doesn’t allow spirit to have some flexibility in how they bring in your desires

So if you’re manifesting for a twin flame it would be good to describe the qualities you desire in a partner rather than height or colour of hair.

Either speak to your spiritual helpers or write down your requests within your dedicated time.

Manifesting on a new moon, supermoon or any other spiritual gateway is often more powerful

You can check the moon cycles and good times energetically on the internet.

Trust the process!

Maybe you’ll only ask once, maybe once a day. Try not to keep going over it any more often than that.

Your Guides and Angels will already be working behind the scenes for you in the best way possible.

When you receive the gifts you have asked for please remember to give thanks for the spiritual help

Again it’s only courtesy but sets up a lovely connection of asking and receiving.

Happy Manifesting


If this article was of interest, I now teach spiritual development one-to-one and also run small healing and spiritual groups.

Please free free to get in touch if this or any of my work could help you on your journey.

Creating a Spiritual Altar at Home

spiritual alter

Making a Spiritual Alter at home

Building a small altar in your home or room to connect spiritually is easy and enjoyable.

Firstly clear the space you are going to use with a sage stick or good quality incense or essential oils.

Use an area that is private and easily accessible.

You can arrange your altar on a small table or tray using a decorated cloth to then lay on crystals, candles, symbols, statues or personal items as well as fresh flowers.

The altar I have created in the photo is a love altar using two crystals for relationships, incense, pink and red candles, a rose quartz candleholder, small statues and lavender oil.

Use your altar to connect spiritually either with your guides and angels, the universe, ascended masters or your creator.

You can connect with prayer, conversation or write your requests and leave on the altar rolled up and tied with ribbon.

The energy of doing this in your home creates better energy, peace and serenity.

When you are choosing items for your altar, they could be personal, things you have found or been drawn to, found on your travels or remind you of loved ones.

There are no rights or wrongs when creating this space, just use your intuition and be lead to how you want your altar to look.

Use the space to ask for what you would like help with in your life or areas you would like to improve.

Using meditation or prayer will build up lovely energies to help you with your journey ahead.


If you enjoyed this article and would like to find out more about manifesting and changing your life please contact me on 07732 789879

How to cope when you are a sensitive person

Daisy close up

About one fifth of the population are on the sensitive side and often before people learn to understand and work with it, sensitivity can sometimes be considered a burden. However it can be a wonderful gift as it often goes hand in hand with being intuitive and psychic and if developed can lead to mediumship and healing skills.

The best approach is to understand and harness it for your highest good rather than be in conflict with the emotions that it can sometimes bring.

Traits of sensitive people can be about feeling other people’s energy too much, being overwhelmed by others or situations, feeling ungrounded or anxious, feeling out of kilter or on high alert.Sometimes they can also hear or feel spirit but don’t understand what’s happening or doubt it, which can lead to further insecurities. So the following ideas are things you might like to try to support yourself to feel more comfortable.

1 Read up on the subject

There are many different books and blogs on the subject to help you understand the matter more.
Understanding is the first step to feeling more empowered.

2 Lifestyle

What works in your life and what isn’t sitting comfortably.
Are your working in an environment that fits with your nature, do you need more time to nurture your quiet side?
Do you have the right level of support from family and friends and do they understand your needs.
Sometimes it’s worth explaining to people around you how you feel and how they can support that.

3 Learn how to ground and protect your energy field

Details of how to do that are in an article on my blog page, grounding and protecting your energy field.
This will make you feel more in your body and give you a little separation from people’s energy which can sometimes be overwhelming or draining if you are picking it up too easily.

4 Consider whether you would like to develop your sensitive side by working with your guides and angels

This can bring you into more flow, help you feel supported in your journey and is also a lovely experience.
There are two articles on connecting with your guides and angels also on my blog page.


Embrace the person you are, harness and channel your emotions and energy instead of it controlling you.
Sensitivity is to be cherished and enjoyed once you understand it.

If you found this article of of interest and would like to find out more about connecting to the spirit world, your angels and living with more emotional abundance please feel free to call me on 07732 789879.

When you aren’t having a good day!


Everyone has days which may not start well or feel stressful.
Often irritations and problems can colour your mood and then it feels hard to break the cycle.
Try a few of the following to improve your day!

1 Breathing

Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly.
Do this a number of times till you feel yourself settling down and feeling more centred.
This can be done anywhere without anyone else being aware of what you are doing, so it’s good for on the go!

2 Observe

Look around you slowly and try to focus on five things you can see in detail.
Look at them in detail.
Focusing on items we can see brings us back into the moment and help you to feel more grounded.

3 Gratitude

Even it might be hard right now, if you are able to find three things that you are grateful for even if they are small things.
If you have to dig deep, still do it.
If you can see some good in your life and focus on it even when times feel difficult, an attitude of gratitude will often turn around negative thoughts into more positive ones.

4 keep your thoughts positive

This can sometimes feel hard particularly if you are going through a difficult or stressful time.
The universal law of attraction tends to supply more of what we’re focused on.
So if you are sending out a lot of worry to a situation it might benefit from a rethink of how you are seeing it.
Sometimes asking for some spiritual help from your guides, angels or the universe can help you feel more supported and less worried.
Support yourself with mindfulness or spiritual reading or blogs.
Affirmations can help too.
What we think about, we can become, so keep it upbeat.
The main thing is to find something for you that clicks whether it’s a particular author, manta or motivational online coaching blogs, the list is endless.

5 Visualisation

See in your mind somewhere you have loved going, a dearly beloved, something that makes you smile!
Happy thoughts are positive thoughts!
Replace the overthinking with something more rewarding.
You are the maker of your thoughts.

Spiritually cleansing your personal space, home or office


Our personal space is important.

It needs to feel tranquil and uncluttered in order for us to either be able to relax or work productively.
Some of the following tips may be useful to change the energy of your space, even if you only do a couple.
A few small changes can make all the difference.

1 Try to keep things around you tidy and uncluttered.
Often mess or a lot of stuff out can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsettled.
If you can have a place for items to live rather than leaving bit and bobs out it will help.
Maybe extra storage, attractive boxes or more shelving might help with that.
Empty bins, dead flowers, clear old newspapers and magazines for recycling.

2 Air your home or office regularly to help the good flow of energy and to release any stagnancy.
You can use scented candles, essential oils or incense to recreate a nice aroma.

3 if you want to do a deep cleanse, use white sage every month.
This can be bought from a new age shop or online.
Start at the top of the house and taking the smoking sage stick with a ceramic bowl underneath to catch any burning cinders into each corner of every room.
Start at the top of the house and work your way down to the bottom.
Once this is done dampen out the sage stick so you can use it again and air the house thoroughly.
If the smell is too strong use a good quality incense stick instead.

4 Other items you can use to improve the energy of your home or space are flowers or plants, crystals, music (relaxing), candles, incense and essential oils in burners.
Himalayan rock salt lamps also have many benefits in the home.

Do try to source good quality products particularly with crystals and essential oils as there are many synthetic alternatives that simply won’t do the job!

Grounding & protecting your energy field

tree silhouette

When we don’t feel grounded we can feel tired, unsettled, anxious and sometimes drained by other people.

To protect and ground yourself it is important to make this part of your regular routine.

Preferably morning and evening but more often if you feel yourself flagging at other times of the day.

It’s all about the intent and so can be done in your head rather than out aloud particularly if you are not in a private space to do this protection work.

So first imagine yourself either in a bubble of light or a cloak of protection enveloping you from top to toe.

The choices of colour of cloak or bubble are up to you, often silver, purple or gold are good spiritual colours.

Visualise some roots growing from your feet deep into the earths core to ground you.

Finally take some deep breaths in and out to bring you back to centre.

Practice makes perfect so keep going with it to feel the longer term benefits!

How to cope with overthinking and worry

tree reflected in water

When times are stressful or if the habit of anxiety and over thinking take over your life and your head, there are a number of things you can consider doing to help yourself keep more in the moment.

1 Meditation

Either sitting quietly for a few minutes each day can have big benefits for your mind and your health.
There are plenty of books on how to meditate or you could use a guided meditation in the form of a CD or app on your phone.
Choose something that you feel connected to as it will be more enjoyable and beneficial.

2 Journalling

Getting your thoughts and worries down on paper can help you to process your thoughts and sometimes a solution will result.
Even if this isn’t the case it can be useful to see if it seems more manageable once it’s written down.

3 Relaxing

Relaxing music, crystals, essential oils are all beneficial to wellbeing.
Try to source good quality oils and crystals as there synthetics which do not have the desired effect.

4 Nature

There’s nothing as grounding as being outside in nature and the fresh air.
Blow the cobwebs away, even if the weather requires you to wrap up.

5 Exercise

Walking, swimming, gym or any sport that leaves you with a sense of wellbeing.

6 Water

Being by the sea, a river, a pond can be relaxing and help us to reconnect to nature and ourselves.

7 Friends and family

Connecting with a friend or loved one can be a great pick me up.
Let them know you were thinking of them and maybe make a plan to meet up.

8 Creativity

Doing something creative doesn’t need to be expensive.
You could start a sketchbook, an art workshop or class, a new online course, journaling, cake making, the list is endless.
Creativity requires you to be in the moment and something wonderful can come out of it.

9 A treat

Preferably something good for you, that would lift your spirits and that you could look forward to.

10 Animals

Cats and dogs are great therapy.
If you don’t have one perhaps you could visit a friend who does.

Cleansing your aura and energy field


Our auras and energy fields are constantly interacting with the energy of others.
It’s not surprising then that if we have been with someone negative, depressed or difficult that we can often feel that our mood has been affected and our vibrational energy drops.
Over a period of time this can cause us to feel down, tired and anxious.
Sometimes it can feel like something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it.
There are a number of ways you can cleanse your aura which leave you feeling brighter, lighter and more positive.

1 Visualisation

Sit comfortably and breathe deeply in and out several times to relax your body.
Imagine your body filled with either golden or white light restoring your body’s energy and dispersing the negativity.
Let that light expand beyond your body another foot or two cleansing your energy field.
Take some more deep breaths and relax.

2 Aura Spray

You can make your own aura cleansing spray out of spring water and a essential oil such as lemon, juniper or lime.
In a spray bottle mix a few drops of essential oil in a cup of spring water.
Shake it well and spray yourself from arms length avoiding the eye area.

3 Crystals

Protective crystals are Obsidian, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz.
You can wear them, carry them or have them close to hand in your home or office.
You can use the crystals to sweep your energy field top to toe all around you to cleanse off any negative or heavy energy.
Rinse the crystals once used and leave to air dry.

4 Salt

Use Himalayan rock salt or sea salt in a warm bath to cleanse your energy field.

5 Herbs

Infuse some herbs like rosemary or lavender in a jug of hot water for an hour.
Take the herbs out and top up with warm water to body temperature.
Use as a last rinse after a shower but avoid using on hair.

6 Smudge yourself with a sage stick

Smudge can be bought in new age shops or online but be careful of any falling hot cinders.
Light the sage, then blow it out.
The smoking sage stick can then be used to circle your body too to toe to purify your aura.
Dampen the sage out at the end as it can be used several times.

Signs from your Angels

white feather

Angels are spiritual beings with a different frequency to humans.
Angelic guidance can come in the form of channelled messages, dreams, flashes of inspiration and signs to nudge you in the right direction.
Once you ask for guidance be prepared to notice some of the common signs.
Sometimes it’s validation of a question you may have asked about or simply to let you know that the Angelic realm are around to love and support you.

1 Feathers

Feathers are one of the most commonly known signs, especially when the feather is in a unusual position.
This is to let you know your Angels are near and supporting you from behind the scenes.

2 Clouds

Clouds that look like an angel or a symbol are also a sign.

3 Scents

Sometimes a sweet fragrance like flowers is used by Angels to let you know of their presence.

4 Music

If you have asked a question, a piece of music through the wording or the title can be how you Angels are letting you know answer to your question.

5 Coins

Finding coins is a symbol that that you are loved, supported and guided.

6 Sparkles of light

Seeing shimmers of light, flashes of colour and orbs are all common ways of your angels showing their presence.

7 Rainbows

Rainbows are a common symbol of divine love.
When you ask for assistance and soon after see a rainbow, know that your prayers are being answered.

8 Physical signs

If you have asked for a sign sometimes your Angels will give you the answer to a problem in the form of an advertisement or signpost which conveys a message.
Be open to how these appear.

9 Numbers

Angel numbers like 333 or 111 have specific meanings and there are books which decode these signs or you could look online.

10 Voices

When you receive a message in your mind or a whispered voice which appears to come out of thin air you may be experiencing divine guidance from your Angels.

How to cope with ascension symptoms


Ascension is the process of increasing your vibrational frequency.

Increased spiritual perception and awakening psychic abilities lead to greater compassion for people, animals and the planet.

But there are some ascension symptoms that cause discomfort.

Challenges, emotional struggles sometimes mental and physical pain may occur on this journey.

Things that no longer serve your highest good may crumble away and dissolve to make way for what will serve you better on your new journey.

Relationships, jobs, people, belief patterns, habits and lifestyle may all come up for review and can be manifested into something better.

When you try to hold on to what has been when it no longer serves you may be the hardest challenge.

Trust in the process and be willing to go with what is being presented to unfold your new path and a different way of thinking and being.

Maybe you’ll need to change your perspective and look for the silver lining in situations, focus on the positives that are unfolding.

Try to stay in the moment, breathe and not overthink too much.

Using guided meditation or controlled breathing to quiet the mind and relax the body.

Crystals, salt baths and essential oils like lavender can restore the balance.

Ask your Angels and guides to help during this period and trust they will support you through the journey.

Nature, being outdoors or by water can help with grounding and revitalising you.

But most of all know that everything is changing for a higher purpose, trust and you will be spiritually supported.

Connecting with your spirit guides


Spirit guides are different to your Guardian Angel or Angels.

They are not here to control your life rather to give you little gems of knowledge to lead you further on your spiritual path and inner wisdom.

Often a good place to link in with your guides is a serene place that you already know exists and can therefore visualise easily.

It might be by a river bank or a beautiful garden.

It’s good to set the scene.

Turn off phones, make sure you won’t be disturbed, light a candle or incense.

Sit quietly taking some deep breathes in and out till you feel relaxed

Ask your guide to step forward.

Sometimes you can see your guide or a vague shape, sometimes you might just sense a change if energy around you or a change of temperature.

You can ask your guide to communicate with you but again be willing to practice this if it doesn’t happen straight away.

Sometimes the connection can happen easily and but not always so be willing to contact and speak with your guide as often as you can.

It’s a wonderful experience so enjoy the time with spirit.

When you have finished connecting or sitting with your guide thank them for their time and support.

Gratitude can bring in more wonderful experiences.